Inktober 2014 

October 1st: Red-tailed Boa Constrictor

So, this is my first ever Inktober, and I’m going to spend the whole month drawing reptiles!! :D

Naturally, my first choice was a red-tailed boa, and I used a photo of my snake, Diamond as reference. He’s turning 16 this month! (omg) And yes, he really does have two heart-shaped markings on his back, they’re awesome.

I did the drawing on an 11”x7” piece of Bristol board with a Pentel pocket brush pen. I did a quick sketch using a non-photo blue pencil first and worked over it. Didn’t intend to use stippling when I started the picture, but I like how it turned out.

I’ve already got the other 30 species as well as reference photos picked out for this month… stay tuned for more!

"Shatter Me"

90 minute speedpaint, trying out new inking and airbrushing techniques. Character is from one of my many stories… I really need to get back in the habit of writing again, lol.


I made shrink film keychains! My friend Jon and I are talking about getting our own artist alley table at Boston Comic Con next year, so we’re trying out possible things to sell!

I drew up chibis of some friends of mine to use as testers, and I’m really happy with how they turned out.

First, Mama Savannah Georgia, a local drag queen, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had major surgery last month. She’s doing great and had her big comeback show last night, so I made matching keychains of her and her husband as gifts.

Then I did my friends. First is my girlfriend, Alisha, who performs as Mama Savannah’s drag son, Von D Georgia. Then there’s my best friend Jon, who is super fabulous and an avid knitter. He plans to sell knits next year.

Last is my good friend Jessie, and her 3 year old son, Jordan, whom she is introducing to all things geek. He’s recently become a huge fan of Captain America.

The printing and assembling process had a few issues, but I eventually worked them all out. It’s definitely a learning process, and I wanna experiment a little bit more before I settle on a final design.

Still, super fun and cute! Once I get the process down I plan to mass produce for an online store and eventually Artist Alley!

Finally finished a birthday picture for my friend Jon. His birthday was back in late July, but this picture gave me a hard time, lol. At least it’s done!

So, I’ve come up with yet another story idea (this makes, what, 7? O_o) and my brain would shut up until the drew some of the characters.

They have no names yet, neither does the story. All I can say is that it involves spirits and Native American mythology. Enjoy!


Random idea that popped into my head… I had to draw it, lol. It was fun to do.

Stylistically, I think it’s missing something, I’m just not sure what. I’m open to suggestions!


Practicing watercolor this summer in this small moleskin sketchbook I got. Trying to get better at color mixing and technique. Been painting reptiles, cause, let’s face it…. it’s subject matter I’ll never get bored with :)

First one: African Bush Viper. I love vipers… with their color variations and keeled scales they’re like little dragons :D

Second: Leopard Gecko. Eh. Tried wet on wet… but the drawing wasn’t so great to start so I’m not thrilled with it. Still.. practice is good.

Third: Juvenile Green Cat Snake. They start out with green heads and reddish bodies that turn green as they age. I loved the reference pic I found… the color gradient was cool. Also, snakes with large eyes in proportion to their heads are among my favorite kinds, sooo adorable. (Cat-eyed snake is one of the cutest I think…). Colors don’t match exactly, but I tried scale patterns.

Gonna keep painting this summer and keep with this theme. Maybe if I can get my boa to keep still long enough, I might try painting him… we’ll see, lol.


Tony Sawicki by Kay-Beast

New clone got introduced a few weeks ago, so it was time to add him to my black and white portrait series!

#8: Tony Sawicki


Scarlett Johansson as Lucy by Kay-Beast

Wow, the movie isn’t even out yet and I’m already doing fanart… that’s gotta be a new record, lol. Anyway, fanart of the upcoming film, “Lucy”. This was done on Photoshop, roughly 10-12 hours of work. Multiple references were used. I’m really happy with the result, for once the picture came out looking like the one in my head. :D


Got bored, opened Photoshop and started doodling. Got some new brush presets lately, from Kyle T Webster, and I’ve completely fallen in love with “clean comics 1”… best inker I’ve never used. Was playing around and wound up drawing up the redesign of one of my characters. Enjoy. :)