Inktober 2014

Day 21st: crested gecko

For today’s drawing, I layered linework, ink wash and hatching. Really like how it turned out. Happy Reptile Awareness Day!

Inktober 2014

Day 20: rainbow boa

Painted a pretty boa for today’s picture. It’s hard to capture a rainbow boa’s natural iridescence with ink, but I tried with white gel pen.

Inktober 2014

Day 19: banded kingsnake.

Something simple for today.

Inktober 2014

Day 18: gharial

For those of you who don’t know, a gharial is a kind of “fish crocodile” native to India. Their long thin snouts are perfect for snatching up fish, and are also fun to draw. 13 days left!

Inktober 2014

Day 17: gila monster

Layered techniques today… after painting with ink and water I layered on some texture with a fine liner and gel pen.

Inktober 2014

Day 16: Lonesome George

Lonesome George was a male Pinta Island tortoise and the last of his species. He died in 2012, at roughly 100 years of age, rendering his species extinct. His body was sent to the American Natural History Museum of New York to be preserved and displayed as a reminder of environmental conservation efforts.

Keara in ink

Been having a lot of fun with the ink and water during the Inktober challenge this month, but I wanted a change of subject, so I painted one of my characters last night.

Still doing reptiles until the 31st, so this doesn’t count as an official Inktober drawing.

Inktober 2014

Day 15: green anole

Wanted to try something different today, so I just went with lines and hatching to create depth and texture.

Inktober 2014

Day 14: sea turtle

So, as you can tell, ink and water is one of my favorite mediums, I think it lends really well to some of these animals. :)

So, The Walking Dead premiered last night and it was awesome!! I doodled this week in anticipation and turned it into something… chibi walkers! Lol… enjoy!